Marroni-Import Gysi & Strazzini AG serves today customers in entire Switzerland. It is also about to expand into Germany and Austria. Rapidity is thereby very important, because only fresh marroni unfold their incomparable taste.

At present, a prototype of a new marroni cutting machine generation offers a considerable achievement: Up to 1.800 kg marroni can be cut per hour inall calibres and forms. Held quality level and won time potential are the formula of MIAG’s success.

Apart from its qualities as a fix, quality-conscious supplier the enterprise is also an excellent servant. Up to 50 stands can be equipped with frying pans and heaters. Also the marroni locomotive in its classic steam railway look, fully automatic frying pans or complete high-tec conditions with digitalcontrol are part of the assortment.

“The tradition of the small, sweet, hot and beloved fruits is maintained in the family Strazzini with love and care since 1837. Over many generations Marroni Import Gysi and Strazzini AG (MIAG) became a well recognized, highperformance and service-conscious supplier for large and small customers.”