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Take every opportunity to celebrate that comes your way with roasted chestnuts from the «Marroni-Shop»

Get out of your daily routine and into a world of fun –do it the best way with our roasted chestnuts! Organize your event and treat your guests with something extraordinary, which they will keep in their mind as a nice souvenir for a long time, for instance, our roasted chestnuts. Our ideas with roasted chestnuts are something special, they can be used for every occasion and they provide your guests with more snap.

There are numerous possibilities: be it as a gift, a handout, a delicious side dish in a reception, or, or, or. We have the roasted chestnuts, the material needed, lots of fantasy and unconventional ideas for every type of occasion. Talk to us and let us surprise you.

If possible before your next party is coming up!

Mulled wine – for up to 1000 people per hour and even without electricity!